Tisha Reed, MA – Director of Systems Outreach and Training


Tisha generates opportunities within targeted systems and manages the systems-based implementation teams that provide abortion referrals training in health and social service sites. Before joining Provide, Tisha served as the Deputy Director for WV FREE in addition to Title X Program Director and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Director in West Virginia. Tisha has long been an advocate for contraception and abortion as she learned about the need women have to control their reproduction through stories from her grandmother. It has been a delight to dedicate her career to reproductive health since 2006, when she began working for the Title X program in West Virginia. Tisha attended undergrad and graduate school at Marshall University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in history and a Master’s degree in secondary education. Tisha has great fun being a wife and mother, even though she is often scolded by her seven year old daughter for breaking the rules and being inappropriate.

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