Update from Melanie Zurek, Executive Director

February 25, 2019



This week I announced that after nearly 15 years at this extraordinary organization, I will be stepping down this year as Executive Director of Provide.  I will be leaving the organization by Fall 2019.

It has been an incredible privilege to lead an organization that is so dedicated to the core worthiness of all people, and so committed to transformative work on one of the most contested health issues of our time. In the time I have had here, we took a core idea – that with support health workers could have a profound impact on the barriers and stigma experienced by people seeking abortion care – and built a robust organization that is creating real change where it is needed most. The staff, colleagues, and collaborators who I have had the joy to work with have been exceptional, and it is because of them, and because of the health and social service providers who we work with every day, that I leave this role with an unwavering belief in the power of even the smallest action to make positive change.

I decided to make this transition because it is the right time for me to start a new chapter in my professional life, and a good time for Provide. These are difficult times for those of us working toward dignity and health, but Provide knows how to do hard things and we are in terrific shape to take on the challenges ahead.  We are financially secure, our staff and Board are first rate, and we have a strong program guided by a robust strategic framework. If there ever was a good time to bring in the next wave of leadership, this is it.

I have also been privileged to work with a Board of Directors deeply dedicated to the mission and values of Provide. They are fully engaged in our work and poised to undertake a search for my successor. I am completely confident that their search will result in a fantastic new ED and that Provide’s work will continue to thrive.

My plan is to continue work that unites our power as individuals with organizational excellence to create a better world, and I am excited to work on the specifics of what that will entail.  For now, I look forward to bringing my best to these next several months at Provide.  I hope to see you.





Katherine Bourne (Kate) is President of the Board of Directors for Provide. Kate is a consultant in global public health, with a particular interest in reproductive rights and health, gender and HIV.

Update from Kate Bourne, Board President

February 25, 2019



On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would first like to express our gratitude for Melanie’s exceptional service to Provide.  She has led the organization through several phases of transition and today Provide is recognized as the foremost authority on abortion referrals in the United States, and a leader in working with a diverse range of health and social services providers in the Southeast to ensure that the full reproductive rights of women are realized. At the same time, Melanie has built an exceptional team, and a strong institution.

As with everything she does, Melanie has approached her decision to leave with deliberation and care, putting Provide’s interests first.  She informed the Board well in advance, so we had time to prepare prior to the public announcement, and recruitment of the next Executive Director will begin immediately. We are confident that given the importance of our mission, the outstanding staff, and the health and stability of the organization, we will attract a worthy successor to lead Provide into its next phase.


On a personal note, I am grateful to have had the opportunity as Board President to work in partnership with Melanie over the past years.   All of us on the Board are interested to see what Melanie does next, and we wish her success and happiness on the journey.